About Us

Established by Doris Rocklin 37 years ago, Woolworks, Inc. has a long history of serving the Baltimore knitting community.  The Woolworks of today prides itself on bringing the best, brightest and most exciting trends and materials available to knitters and crocheters.  An age-old craft meets today’s knitter when they walk through our doors.  We cater to the needs of every level of craftsmanship in the area of needle arts and strive to inspire everyone to get their knit (or crochet) on!  Here’s a little bit About Us…

Amy Legg

A fine arts background makes Amy uniquely suited to the business of running a shop that is based on color, texture, design and creativity.  While knitting complicated patterns is not her style or forte, creating original knit and crocheted items makes her the happiest.  Baby garments, accessories and completely useless things like needle-felted fruit occupy her imagination and hands.  Communicating, whether it is in person, via our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry or our website, is Amy’s way of spreading the word about Woolworks and encouraging all to join in.

Karen Brehm

To say that Karen is an expert in all forms of needlecraft would be an understatement.  An expert knitter, crocheter, seamstress, and finisher (to name a few), Karen brings creativity, patience, and meticulous attention to detail to everything that she does.   Karen’s ability to master a new skill – and her willingness to share her skill with others – make her a wonderful teacher.  She is the shop’s resident expert in crochet, knitted dolls and animals, and finishing, among other things.

Brenda Wilson

Brenda began her knitting journey over 25 years ago when she visited Woolworks for the first time.  Since that time, she has become an avid knitter, crocheter, and yarn enthusiast.  While over the years she has knit sweaters, blankets, and many accessories, her favorite item to knit is shawls, and you can often find the latest popular shawl patterns on her needles.  Brenda enjoys shawls in particular because they give her the opportunity to experiment with texture, color, and different knitting techniques.  Many of Brenda’s shawls live at Woolworks so that they can inspire our customers to make creations of their own.