About Us

Established by Doris Rocklin over 30 years ago, Woolworks, Inc. has a long history of serving the Baltimore knitting community.  The Woolworks of today prides itself on bringing the best, the brightest and the most exciting trends and materials available to knitters and crocheters. An age-old craft meets today’s knitter and crocheter when they walk through our shiny red doors. Our team approach to shop ownership is based on a simple idea: Four energetic and creative partners who each bring something different and valuable to the business of creating, educating and inspiring our customers. We cater to the needs of every level of craftsmanship in the area of needle arts and we strive to inspire everyone to get their knit (or crochet) on!!!  Here is a little bit About Us…

Amy Legg

A fine arts background makes Amy uniquely suited to the business of running a shop that is based on color, texture, design and creativity. While knitting complicated patterns is not her style or forte, creating original knit and crocheted items makes her the happiest. Baby garments, accessories and completely useless things like needle-felted fruit occupy her imagination and hands.   Communicating, whether it is in person, via the Woolworks e-newsletter, Facebook, Ravelry or this NEW website, is Amy’s way of spreading the word about Woolworks and encouraging all to join in.  In Amy’s perfect world, art meets commerce and everyone goes home happy.

Mindy Fisher

When, at age 17 you knit a dress and matching jacket to wear to your little brother’s bar mitzvah, it’s pretty clear that the process and structure of a knitted garment comes naturally. Mindy has been knitting her entire life and once had a home-based business called “KnitWits” where she and a partner designed and knit custom sweaters. Throw in a love for people and retail and you have the essence of Mindy.  Mindy has the heart to make all knitters and crocheters welcome, and the head for solving problems. To top it off, she’ll finish your knit & crocheted projects when that’s not up your alley. After spending 30 years as a dental hygienist, Mindy has found her mojo at the center of Woolworks.

Kimberlee Rohloff

Kim’s first love was classical guitar, in which she received a masters degree. When Kim entered the world of knitting, there was no stopping her from learning everything about it, from the raw materials to technique. Kim delves into any subject with a high level of curiosity and a love of learning and knitting is no exception. This thirst for knowledge makes Kim an incredibly effective teacher. Kim has taught a wide range of classes at the shop and continues each ‘semester’ with new students and devoted returning ones. Technique as complicated as lace and Norwegian color work are on the schedule, right alongside Knitting 101 and Beginning Socks. She spins her own yarn as well and if there’s ever a question about a fiber, you can be sure Kim will have the answer in her memory bank. Kim’s real struggle, like most knitters, is how to fit more hours in a day when there is just so much knitting to be done, so many patterns to be conquered!

Karen Brehm

A computer assisted draftsperson by day, Karen is one of those people who makes things with her hands in just about any area of needlework you could imagine. There is nothing she can’t do when it comes to crafting, so having Karen at our shop adds another level of interest and expertise. Once she gets a technique or project down, she’ll go ahead and teach it. Yes, another fine teacher. Karen is our resident crochet expert and enjoys it as much as the rest of us enjoy knitting. Attention to detail mark all of Karen’s creative pursuits and she turns out projects at a rate that’s just crazy. Karen eats, sleeps and breathes the process and has the patience and tenacity to make things – whatever they may be – beautifully