Summer Sun, Heat & Gaming


We’re knitting through the days of summer quickly.  A storm and heat wave left many of us in the dark and in oven-like surroundings about week ago.  We saw an uptick in traffic during a traditionally slow Woolworks time, which was lovely.  Instead of coming in for vacation projects, we saw our friends straggling in for a bit of borrowed cool air and community.  Misery AND knitting love company, after all.





Our July Home Goods Knitalong is in full swing with a select few tuffet crocheters and pouf practitioners.  When it comes right down to it, there are may goods for the home that can be crafted with yarn.  Whether it’s doubled for an extra bulky cushion cover or crocheted in a tight stitch to withstand the demands of a family room throw, handknits beef up the homey for all of us.  While our numbers are small for this knitalong, our Thursday night regulars are joining in with whatever project they have going.








In a few short days the Olympics will be starting!  A rare knit community controversy has been the hot topic as the US Olympic Committee has put it’s collective Nike-clad foot down on the usage of the word “Olympics” by anyone but themselves.  Ravellenics is the new name of our game, thanks to some bright and spunky folks at Ravelry, who renamed their knit and crochet gaming for this year.  We are pleased to be having our own Ravellenics festivities starting July 27th through August 13th, the details of which can be found in the link below.  We thank Hadley Mendoza for lighting the competitive Woolworks spirit, not only organizing the event, but generously donating the prizes.    Ravellenic poster

We hope your plans include stopping in, whether it’s for a vacation project, to say hello, or to participate in Ravellenics.  We’re here!



A Thank You to All!




It’s the Friday before Memorial Day and as we make our plans for a day or two off, we’d like to extend thanks to all who came out LAST Friday for our Rowan Yarn Tasting Event!  We were thrilled to open up both doors on that gorgeous evening and welcome you for some socializing and Rowan immersion!  Between the samples we had made, a few sent on loan from Rowan and the generosity of several of our customers, we had a shop full of garments to help showcase Rowan yarns and patterns.  We loved watching customers mingle and consult with each other about projects in a relaxed atmosphere.  The hour and a half event flew by and we felt exhilarated by the community that was created.


It takes a lot of hard work to run a local yarn store.  On nights like last Friday, we all felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride in the relationships we have not only with our yarn manufacturers, but our extremely loyal and interested clientele, who are also great friends!  Thank you for making what we do so worthwhile!

Have a wonderful long weekend.  See everyone soon!

Rowan Yarn Tasting, 5/18/12!

Rowan Yarn Tasting this Friday!

May 18th




In conjunction with Rowan Yarns, we are delighted to hold our first Yarn Tasting this Friday evening.  We’ll have wine, a few nibbles and most importantly, tons of garment samples to showcase spring/summer Rowan Yarns!  We’ve collected samples that we’ve made, Rowan has sent us and even a few generous customers have given us garments for the event!  There’s no better way to experience the gorgeous range of fibers and what they can be made up into than an event such as this.  Each guest will leave with a “tasting” of each of the yarns to take home and swatch.  This is a great way to decide what is your favorite and plan your summer project.  In addition, any Rowan Yarns and books/brochures you buy at the event entitles you to a 10% discount.  It’s all good.  Come on over.

Ann Weaver Square Shawl Workshop!

It’s Hip to be Square…

Ann Weaver will return at the end of the month for a NEW workshop about Square Shawl Construction!  This is a new workshop for Ann and we’re delighted to be one of the first shops to offer it!  The workshop will cover all sorts of technique on constructing a shawl from the center out, either starting with a central square or starting at the center and knitting out with various increases, etc.  To read all about it, click the link below.  Give us a shout to sign up, but don’t wait!  Spaces are filling fast.  Here’s the scoop:

Date:  Sunday, April 29th

Time:  10:00am-1:00pm

Cost:  $85

Workshop Description_Square Shawls


Ann Weaver Weekend!!!

Weaverknits @ Woolworks!

We are really delighted to be hosting designer and all around cool gal, Ann Weaver this weekend for two great workshops!  Ann’s design portfolio contains many popular patterns, including “Oranje” & “Neiman Beauty” from  Ann will be teaching a Design Your Own Triangular Shawl tomorrow from 2-5pm and a Color Theory/Albers Cowl workshop on Sunday from 10-Noon.  The Sunday session is SOLD OUT!!!  We’re excited to learn the ins and outs of log cabin knitting in conjunction with color theory.  Ann is a dynamic and accessible instructor who is sure to make a lot of friends.  We are happy stockists of both Craft Work Knit and White Whale, Ann’s two books.  Here’s a peak at a few of Ann’s goodies:




Go Dutch from Craft Work Knit

Neiman Beauty from






















Next week:  New Books!  Stay tuned.












It’s not really Spring, but….

Taking Stock

We did a lot of counting after the Super Bowl Sunday Sale last week.  Inventory is never fun, but we filled the tea pot and forged ahead. Inventory gives us a chance to assess what we have and do a bit of cleaning.  Just as we were finishing up, UPS dumped multiple boxes on our doorstep.  Evidently, it’s time for SPRING in the yarn world!

Now that we’ve regrouped and opened up boxes, we are most excited…Rowan’s Spring/Summer line is amazing, both yarns and pattern support.  We’ve made room and stocked the shelves with all the pretty colors in all the different fibers.  Here’s a little preview


Rowan Yarns

Pima Cotton DK: 100% Pima Cotton/5.5sts/inch



 Handknit Cotton: 100% cotton/4.75-5 sts/inch

Purelife Revive: Recycled silk, cotton, viscose
5.5 sts/inch



Cotton Glace: 100% Cotton/5.75 sts/inch




Creative Linen: 50% linen, 50% cotton
5-5.25 sts/inch


Summerspun: 50%wool, 50% cotton
5.5 sts/inch


Summer Tweed:  70% silk, 30% cotton
4 sts/inch







Savannah: 94% cotton, 6% silk
4.5 sts/inch




Rowan Magazine & Brochures

Rowan Magazine 51/Spring/Summer 2012










Holiday Crochet              Seascapes                     Summerspun Collection







So if you’re feeling cold and dreary, come and see us.  We’re feeling Spring from a fiber point of view and we’d love to share.


Superbowl Sunday @ The Shop

We’re not poor sports here in Baltimore…..

…but it would have been REALLY nice if the Ravens had made it to the big game.  We were so close.  Now we’ll watch the game unemotionally Sunday and hope for another great season next year.  Woolworks has hosted a Superbowl Sunday Sale since 2007, and this year is no exception.  We like to gather during the day, eat a few munchies, give away some door prizes, and generally enjoy “pre-gaming” as only knitters and crocheters know how: BUYING YARN!  We put our in-stock yarns on sale for 20% off and have towers of yarns on sale with as-marked prices.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s great to get a deal, and what the heck else are you doing this Sunday?

So put on your shopping clothes (you know, loose fitting, comfy knit duds like this guy has on) and come on over.  We’ll be opening the doors at 12 noon and closing at 4pm.  We can’t wait to see you!

Late Opening Saturday, 1/21/12!!!

Hi All,

Due to icy conditions on the roads and parking lots this morning and a still-freezing temperature reading, the shop plans to open at NOON.  Please be safe out there and we will hope the weather clears a bit by midday!

Thanks for your understanding.  Having a bit of knitting time this morning is not such a bad thing!



2012 Arrives in style at Woolworks!


As hard as it is to believe, another holiday season has passed and a new year is in full swing.  We had a wonderful and busy time over the holidays and saw many new faces.  It’s gratifying to meet and establish new relationships, based on a shared love of fiber, color and the desire to craft beautiful things.  We know that many of our beloved long-time customers are our best ambassadors out in the world.  We are very grateful for the kind words and encouragement to “newbies” to join the ranks.

We are excited to head into the cold months with so many great warm woolies to make and share.  Our On the Needles page is freshly updated with what we’ve just finished or are working on.  These thumbnails should whet your appetite!






Be sure to check out the Classes page this coming week to see what we have in store for learning new techniques, Knit-a-Long opportunities and special events in the next 4 months.  One of the most exciting opportunities will come in February when Ann Weaver comes for two days of workshops over Saturday/Sunday, 2/18-2/19.  Ann did a “drive-by” visit before Christmas and we were all charmed by her youth, enthusiasm and interesting designs.  We will do two separate workshops that weekend and hope you can join us for one or both.



We hope the New Year brings your thoughts to knitting and crocheting.  We’re here and ready to get you on your way, whether it’s your first project or 200th!






Hitting it Hard for the Holidays


 Leaves are falling in all sorts of colors….





When it comes to Fall, leaves turning and throwing on a sweater or scarf is the first true sign of the season.  It has taken until this chilly October 22nd weekend to truly feel the effects of the season change in Baltimore.  We’ve seen an influx of customers wanting projects that not only keep a body warm, but might fulfill a gift need for the coming holidays.  We’ve rearranged our center display to inspire everyone and to show off some of the myriad choices of yarns for this, our busiest time.

Coastal Knits: A collaboration between Friends on Opposite ShoresKnit Wear Magazine


Cowls continue to be popular in all of the magazines, single patterns and online blogs.  Fingerless mitts are another popular, stylish and quick-to-make item.  A new publication, Weekend Hats from Interweave Press is chock full of hats of all kinds, from berets to slouchy caps for men, women and kids.  Shawls of all varieties continue to populate Ravelry’s “most favorited” projects and pop up in each and every knit and crochet publication.  We anticipate the arrival of Stephen Wests’ WestKnits Three any day – a designer who has been wildly prolific and popular in the last 2 years.  Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos & Hannah Fettig arrived last week and has numerous accessory patterns, including a quick to knit cowl that we’ve already popped on and off our needles.  Churchmouse Yarns & Teas rolled out a new batch of single patterns two weeks ago, including a great poncho, quick crocheted scarf and many other irresistible ideas.

cowl/Fibre Company






The holiday prep continues as we move into deeper fall with an upcoming Felted & Embellished Christmas Tree 2-session workshop this November.  Inspired by a Purl Soho online tutorial, we are crafting knit, then felted trees in various sizes in the first session, then meeting the next week to apply embellishments of all kinds.  Our November Knit-a-Long will concentrate on fingerless gloves and mitts of all varieties so you may perfect your skill and crank out a pair or two in short order.  Going into December, our Knit-a-Long will be about hand-knit accessories and gifts for the holidays – so we’ll be making hats and small items to give as gifts.  The research and development of these “must make” items is ongoing!

We are really proud to offer what we think is the best selection of yarns that Woolworks has had in quite some time.  Our choices have expanded to new lines, some very select independent makers, and hopefully represent the best and brightest of what is out there for our customers to use and enjoy.  With all of the hard work and energy it takes to provide this selection, we are constantly energized by the response of our customers and friends.  It’s a joint effort at Woolworks and things are coming right along.



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