Instagramming…Is that a Verb?

photoInstagram has been around for awhile, but just recently we decided that Woolworks would start their own Instagram account to post pictures of interest from our shop.  If you haven’t seen or experienced Instagram, take a look.  It’s a free app, you choose people and businesses to follow and you have your own “feed” of those you’re following.

Woolworks is following knitwear designers, yarn manufacturers and people of interest within our industry.  It’s thrilling to see posts from Kate Davies, Miriam Felton, Knitbot, Kelbourne Woolens, Olgajazzy, Shibui Knits, Never Not Knitting, Brandon Mably, Carrie Hoge, Clara Parkes, Sarah Hatton, Joji Locatelli, Kay Gardiner, Romi Hill and many more.  This is a public way of posting bits and pieces of these designers’ days – what they’re working on, new colorways being produced, photo shoots of new products, swatching with their morning coffee and maybe a kitty or two.

We’re happy to be putting Woolworks out there amongst our peers and making connections at the same time.  Designers comment on our color choices for projects using their patterns or yarn.  It’s a community.  That’s what’s fun. 

If you’d like to follow us on Instagram, our username is Woolworksbalt.  If you’d like to follow some of the same people, click on “following” once you’re on our Instagram page and you’ll see a list of names you’ll recognize.  Have fun with it.  It’s inspiration for your knitting and crocheting life!