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When my children were little, I didn’t knit.  Now that I do knit and have unlimited access to all the best there is, knitting for babies is my very favorite thing.  Knitting for little ones has everything going for it…the projects are small, which makes them easy to finish. The patterns are irresistible, which makes you NEED to make them.  The yarns are beautiful and soft.  Nothing makes a knitter happier than to knit with a particular baby in mind or for one who is on the way.  I know more than a few knitters who are making things ahead for prospective grandchildren or gifts.  It’s not for everyone, but it is for those of us wanting to knit while we have the mind and hands for it.  Don’t laugh…knitters think this way!




At Woolworks, we take knitting for wee ones seriously and have a room in our very small space dedicated just to kids and babies.  It provides a bright and inspirational atmosphere for moms, grandmas, aunts, uncles and just about anyone who needs a fix of cuteness.  Our kids room is chock full of store samples and yarns to make anything from the most simple hat to a complicated fair isle sweater or knit toy.

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Imagine my delight when my nephew asked for a knit baby dress for his little girl, Tatum’s baptism.  Despite feeling honored to be asked, I was slightly panicked since the deadline was less than a month away.  I ran the idea of the ‘Clara Dress’ from Tutto by my nephew & niece and was off and running.  I had made Clara before and knew I could make it again.  The parents measured little Tatum and I knit like the crazy great-aunt that I am.

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The dress moved along and I was able to ship it with a few days to spare.  The day Tatum’s mommy, Rachel, sent me the dress rehearsal picture, I felt like I’d won the lottery.  A beautiful baby in a most special knit dress, all ready to go.   A few days later, Tatum was baptized with family and friends around her.  I wasn’t there for the ceremony, but I feel like the dress was there, acting like a big hug from me.

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