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This week we received a shipment of Zauberball Crazy in from Schoppel and it brings to mind a project that we have always wanted to try.  Funky Grandpa by La Maison Rilile is a boxy, deep v-neck cardigan with a top-down, almost-all-in-one piece construction that is fascinating.





Funky Grandpa is not a new design, but it is very much a timeless one.  It’s not trendy or high fashion.  In fact, what makes Funky Grandpa so appealing (beyond the name), is the fact that any body type can wear it.  The wide range of sizes and customizable shaping make it accessible to everyone.  This design’s fashion comes from its retro style.  Our Grandpas wore the basic shape, as did Mr. Rogers.  What sweater loving person can’t relate to either of those guys? spring_cardigan__socks___stuff-53_medium2 Zauberball Crazy is a fingering weight yarn that has fairly long color runs that gradiate, but also change between tweedy and solid within those sections.  Funky Grandpa uses Zauberball Crazy to jazz up solid fingering weight sections every so often, making you look like a brilliant colorist.
t234_00adf5d3ca25bac30e1d7d4a25dc2e51 4745b03bd4d638bc20e95a414711d5d6 748ee2c09b4e505108bf2c7efd3b266f 4d254628f7108f9058df616d1db45eae t234_6e4ea2a0dffbb70932045929edd65315 t234_17ba18c2815e4748fcdd7e2d6c5f750b t234_018bb262957a289c0c43a0a76982298d t234_64ca780ca9f1576f75fd549939e34f89 t234_90fc1214936dc18b034c7b21bc0d36f8 t234_55209e95784fdb28fa4ebcfa4d2d15ef t234_cc547135f37a27e2d12d7dc5e8774084 t234_d036a9c48f789abbcc85567debbc7cb4To set the Zauberball Crazy off we like Claudia Handpainted Yarns newly renamed semi-solid fingering “Addiction” and have many choices in stock that mesh beautifully.  Other fingering choices would be Malabrigo Sock, Dream in Color Smooshy or even a more luxurious choice like Rowan Finest or Canopy Fingering from the Fibre Company.  The options are many and the choices all good.

We’re going to give it a try. Stay tuned.  Or come on in and try it with us.  Everyone should have a Funky Grandpa.

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