Project Profile: “Stole” by Theresa Gaffey


Every once and awhile we get a project going at the shop that takes off with a lot of customers.  In this case, a customer brought this pattern and book to our attention (Thank you, Brenda Wilson!) and it grew from there.  The book Wearwithall: Knits For Your Life is a compilation of patterns by various designers and spans the range from kids to adults to home goods.


Wear With AllOne factor that is a common thread in popular shop projects is their accessibility for a wide range of knitters.  The skills needed here are pretty basic: the ability to knit and purl with gorgeous yarns.  The most important skill with this project turns out to be PATIENCE, with a side order of stick-to-it-tiveness!  “Stole”, by Theresa Gaffey is a lot of stitches in a basic rib pattern, using 9 different colors.  The yarn used for this project is the gorgeous Isager Alpaca 2, a 50/50 blend of alpaca and merino.  The color palette of Alpaca 2 is glorious, with many options when choosing for a project of this type.








An excerpt from the Wearwithall blog gives a description of designer Theresa Gaffey’s style and knitting sensibility:

“Knitting and crocheting are my equivalent of worry beads – a way to focus my mind while keeping my hands busy.  My life is often overly complicated, so in my designs, I gravitate toward elegant simplicity – say, a simple rib contrasted with stripes of gorgeous colors – a project that is easy to knit, but satisfying.  And I’m always working on something.  When I’m lucky, my passion for yarn and my editing career overlap, as it did with Wearwithall.”

Customers making this project have the full range of Isager Alpaca 2 to choose from.  Once the job of casting on a zillion stitches is done, the meditative ribbing begins.  Changing colors is a highlight and watching the piece emerge spurs you on.  While the knitting of a piece like “Stole” can be tedious, the finished object yields incredible results.  Kim models Barbara Steinhart’s freshly blocked version below.  Elegant indeed.


When Brenda, Susie Bank, Amy Gold, Suzanne Dagurt and the many others finish their “worry-bead” project, we’ll be sure to post pictures!

Check out “Stole” by Theresa Gaffey on Ravelry:













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