We’re All Going Back To School!



As Labor Day approaches, we all seem to have the “back to school” mentality.  The kids are getting their last swim in and their supplies ready.  The rest of us think about how our schedule is going to change once the calendar flips to September.  At Woolworks, we look forward to Fall especially, with the new Fall/Winter products arriving each day and the shelves switching over to cool weather fibers, patterns and idea inspiration.  This season is no exception, with the abundance of enticing new colors, fiber combinations and patterns to support the yarns.

A big part of our shop learning curve this fall is our new Point of Sale System which arrives today and will be installed on Monday.  We eagerly await the new, improved check-out system, loyalty program and bar-code scanner!  We feel a little nervous about getting ourselves acclimated and “online” with it all, but feel sure we can do it.  This coming Monday, August 27th, we will close our doors at 2:00pm to get things set up and organized.  We’ll be Back-To-School ourselves that day and we’re hoping it is indeed possible to teach a few old dogs a very new trick!  Please indulge us in this half day of learning.  We feel sure it will be worth it!

Speaking of learning, our Fall/Winter Class Schedule is available on this site and we hope you’ll find something you’d like to learn this year.  We have all sorts of technique classes and workshops.  As always, private instruction is available.  Just give us a call and we’ll get that organized for you.

Here’s wishing everyone a smooth transition for Fall, 2012!  We hope a Woolworks class will be in your queue, a visit on your way to carpool, and the place you think of coming for amazing yarns!


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